Wilderness Skills (3643-620)

Från SEK 795,00 kr
  • Plats: Björkliden, Kiruna
  • Produktkod: P7X7B0

Get the right skills for surviving and navigating in the wilderness on this fun and easy
adventure that takes you up to a nearby mountain lake by snowshoes. Your
experienced wilderness guide talks about the nature around you, how to navigate,
how you find shelter in bad weather and how to treat nature with respect. You
learn the most important skill, how to start a fire with a firesteel, before the tour
is over.

When: December 1, 2019 – March 15, 2020 
09.30-12.00, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 

Price: 795 SEK per person adult, 395 SEK for children. Included in the price: flint to make fire and a knife.

Participants: Minimum 2 people*, Maximum 12 people.

*at least two
people needs to participate for this activity to run.