Morning hike in Abisko National Park

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  • Varaktighet: 2 Timmar (cirka)
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Would you like to enjoy a morning hike in the Arctic wilderness with one of the best outfitters in Abisko? Let one of Lights Over Lapland’s professional guides take you for a short, 2km guided hike in Abisko and discover all the beauty that the National Park has to offer! During this spectacular adventure, your guide will lead you down a beautiful trail which meanders along the scenic Abisko River Canyon. You will wander through an ancient Arctic birch forest, enjoy stunning open views of the Abisko river delta, marvel at soaring mountain peaks, walk along the incredible frozen shoreline of Lake Torneträsk and much more. All of our guides are highly trained and will share their deep pool of knowledge about wildlife, plant life, the local indigenous people of the region and what it is like to live in the Arctic.

It is not uncommon to see beautiful animals during this trip such as reindeer, Arctic Hare, foxes, a full range of birds and the ever-majestic Scandinavian moose. Be sure to bring a camera as this trip gives you an up close and personal experience in all of the most scenic locations in Abisko National Park! Book your incredibly scenic hike with the best guides in Abisko today!

This hike will be led at a very relaxed pace and usually takes between 1.5 and 2 hours to complete. Most of the trip happens on well-trodden, level ground but there is a slight incline during the hike. Please let us know if you have any physical limitations that would make it difficult for you to keep up with a group of eight guests and one guide.


Optional add ons:

Overalls 100 SEK

Boots 100 SEK